3 Reasons You Need to Check Out Indian Lake, PA

Indian Lake PA, often referred to as “Pennsylvania’s best-kept secret,” is a private haven for visitors and residents. In a world where it is becoming harder to find private locations with a small population, Indian Lake offers seclusion. This special location, surrounded by gorgeous forests, is home to a beautiful, large lake. 

It’s hard not to fall in love with Indian Lake once you see everything it has to offer. Some residents have made Indian Lake their permanent home, while others have found that it is a great location for a second vacation home. You will not want to miss out on the chance of visiting Indian Lake. 

1. Indian Lake 

Indian Lake was constructed in 1963 by a man named James McIntyre. During a plane ride around the area, McIntyre was inspired to create a manmade lake. James believed that Indian Lake would make a great place for a community. The lake itself was reason enough for many residents to move to this area. 

Indian Lake is horse-shoe shaped and sprawls to 750 acres of space. The lake is surrounded by marinas and lake houses with private access to the water. Indian Lake is perfect for water sports of all kinds. Many enjoy water skiing, wakeboarding, tubing, and swimming in its waters. The lake is also home to bass and brown trout, making it a perfect fishing spot. 

2. The Nature of Indian Lake, PA

Indian Lake, PA is located between the Allegheny Mountains and surrounded by lush greenery. These calm forests offer privacy to many of the residents here. The mountain landscape and hilly terrain make it a great location for those who enjoy hiking. If you are newer to hiking, you might consider taking Indian Lake’s bike trail through the woods before trekking up the hills. 

Indian Lake, PA offers a 2.5-mile trail through 275 acres of forest. The James W. McIntyre trail, named after the man who created Indian Lake, is a trail for pedestrians and non-motorized bicycles. This trail will give you the chance to see just how picturesque the nature of Indian Lake is. Additionally, many birds and other small wildlife reside close to this trail, making it a great walk for birdwatchers and animal-lovers. 

3. Affordable Houses 

Many would assume that living at Indian Lake would be expensive due to the waterfront and fairway properties. In actuality, many of the homes in Indian Lake are affordable. If you are looking into purchasing a new, second, or vacation home with Indian Lake Realty, you will find properties with a variety of price-points. These properties are well worth the money. Indian Lake properties offer access to a lake that isn’t bustling and crowded. Each day you step outside, you will be greeted by beautiful hills and thriving nature. You won’t need to worry about loud neighbors or cars rushing by your home. Instead, you can bask in the sounds of Indian Lake’s serene nature. 

How Indian Lake Realty Can Help 

Currently, Indian Lake is popular in the seller’s market. Therefore, if you are interested in the area – act quickly. Indian Lake Realty has been connecting families to the perfect homes for over 30-years. We aim to ensure that you are receiving the best care. To prove that, we will help you throughout the entire process of finding and purchasing your dream lake house. Our listings provide many pictures and detailed descriptions to help you get a clear picture of what our property offers. If you want to see a property in person, we would be more than happy to arrange a tour. To schedule a tour, email us at mail@indianlakerealty.com or call us at (814)754-4224.

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