Hiking Trails Around Indian Lake: Check Out These Great Locations

Indian Lake has much to offer. The lake itself is a great location for water skiing, jet skiing, wakeboarding, swimming, and fishing. Indian Lake also has two PGA golf courses, designed by Arnold Palmer himself! However, one of the most attractive things about the area is the beautiful nature surrounding the lake. Nestled amid the Allegheny Mountains, Indian Lake is a hiker’s paradise. 

James W. McIntyre Trail 

This hiking trail is named after the man who constructed Indian Lake in 1963, James McIntyre. While flying over the area in a plane, McIntyre had the idea of crafting a lake. After creating Indian Lake, James petitioned the Somerset County court to include Indian Lake, PA, as a Borough. Why? He believed this area would thrive as a community. The area has since provided permanent, vacation, and secondary homes to over 565 residents. 

The James W. McIntyre Trail is a winding, 2.5-mile trail through a 275 acres expanse of forest. This trail is for pedestrians and non-motorized bicycles only and provides a safe way to enjoy what nature offers. This trail will not only provide vivid scenery, but also the chance to enjoy the local wildlife. 

Linn Run State Park

Located forty minutes away, Linn Run State Park provides 612 acres of hardwood and evergreen forest to explore. You will find three trails here, the Linn Run State Park Loop (3.9 miles long), Adams Falls Loop (2.2 miles long), and Flat Rock Trail (1.1 miles long). This location is not only perfect for hiking but is also a great place for a picnic with friends or family. Linn Run State Park has great streams for trout fishing and is home to the scenic Adams Falls. Forbes State Forest surrounds the area, offering an additional 50,000 acres of land to enjoy. 

Laurel Mountain State Park Near Indian Lake

This state park reaches 3,000 feet in elevation and is a half an hour away from Indian Falls. This area is for those who enjoy long hikes. Laurel Mountain State Park has four trails: Laurel Mountain State Park via Laurel Highlands Hiking Trail (6.3 miles long), Beam Rocks (8.4 miles long), Spruce Run Trail (3 miles long), and Laurel Mountain Ski Area (7.4 miles long). Laurel Mountain State Park was one of the first skiing areas in Pennsylvania, making it great for snowboarding and skiing during the winter months. 

Shawnee State Park

Twenty minutes away, Shawnee State Park provides over 3,900 acres of ridges and valleys to enjoy. This location offers one trail, Shawnee Lake Trail (3.4 miles long), which will lead you around the most popular part of Shawnee State Park, Shawnee Lake. This lake is open to the public and is home to a diverse population of fish. 

Make Indian Lake Your Home 

Whether it is a permanent/second home or vacation home, Indian Lake is a great location with affordable properties. If you are considering purchasing a home here, you will want experienced help. Indian Lake Realty has been selling homes in the area for over 30-years. We are dedicated to helping you find and purchase the house of your dreams. Choosing Indian Lake Realty will unlock a wealth of information on the area and its listings.

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